Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wal-Mart prints checks??

So, we opened a new checking account and were told by the bank that 150 checks would be 32.50 plus shipping. I was shocked and said "Then we won't use checks..." Well, I know you can't really do that.

I did find Wal-Mart prints checks! The traditional (old, ugly..but they work!) checks are $6.96 for duplicates. I think shipping was $2.00 or something.

This saved us over $25.00! Can you imagine? In this day and age, banks still charge these outrageous fees for items like this? ugh!

There is always a better solution out there if something seems to high!


  1. I am so thankful for USAA. It's a financial institution normally associated with military members, but I know "regular" folks are able to get accounts there as well. No fee for checks, no fee (up to a limit) to use another bank's atm. Free mail-in deposits...

  2. wow, I am so glad to hear this! I have been putting off ordering any new checks because of the outrageous prices, but now I am going to order them from Walmart- Thanks!

  3. OK. Our checks came today! And, I have to say, they are every bit as ugly and useful as the one's we would've gotten at the bank! Good deal! Way to go, WalMart!