Friday, March 19, 2010

Bang bang, we're beautiful and dirty rich

"Bang bang, we're beautiful and dirty rich" Man, how I want to sing that song over and over! For now, we'll have to leave it with Lady Gaga!

I can't believe we have been walking out of this for 19months. I know to some that may seem fast...but when you are in seems like eternity!

We are still over 1/2 way done. I am grateful

Sunday, March 14, 2010

And..we are back!

Wow! I can't believe it has been pre-Christmas since our last post. There has been a lot going on..but, we are ready to jump back in the saddle and get this darn millstone removed from our neck.

Just to catch up: We accepted a promotion and transfer from Northern California to the Pacific Northwest of Oregon in December. I have spent Jan and Feb on the road telecommuting while the family got ready for the move. Then, in Mid-Feb we found renter's for our home we love in Northern California- thanks Jolyn for your awesome advice- and off we went.

Along the way, we put our debt snow-ball on hold...but an amazing thing happened...we managed to save about $10,000. So, we have a nice emergency fund in place for any emergency's or visit from our good friend Murphy!

I will be re-vamping our site, posting frequently and trying to build a following...but thank you to those of you that didn't bail on us! Our debt is lowering...and we invite you to continue the journey as we get ready for another move: Out of debt...because "We're not living here"

Take care...I look forward to hearing from you! Jeff