Thursday, September 17, 2009

Did you bring the "Dave Ramsey Book"

Have you ever wondered how getting out of debt impacts your kids?

Last night, we were walking through CVS and the requests started coming in! We need halloween candy buckets! Oooh! We should get that! Oooh! Do you see that car, can we get that? (You know the drill). Then, our oldest looks up to me and says "Did you bring the Dave Ramsey Book?" and I replied "no". Without any further discussion, our two boys went from the "I want's" to "oh, look at that!" without ever asking for anything the rest of the night.

The "Dave Ramsey Book" is his Envelope System for carrying and tracking cash for the budget.

I guess in the few short weeks that we have been on this journey...we really are changing our family tree! (Btw, my kids openly detest Dave Ramsey, his 'money' book, his TV show and would gladly go back to the "old ways" anytime! - lol)

The really cool thing in all this..our kids know what cash looks like...they watch it dwindle..and they watch us prioritize! Maybe our kids will NEVER have to debt snowball...that would be awesome!


  1. Ha ha that is so cute. I contemplated doing the envelope system for a while. Still think about it from time to time. The fiance and I are working on getting the finances together so it is definitely in the front of my mind.

  2. We still haven't made the leap to pure cash...

  3. Cash is the way to go! We actually feel like we have more money each month, it is pretty amazing. We have never budgeted for clothes, recreation, dining out. Our money just flew out the window. There is something very empowering about carrying cash. And, Dave Ramsey has the system on sale for $9.99 right!

  4. When my hubby was out of work for nearly a year (364 days, lol!) our kids didn't like how strictly we had to live but they eventually did get used to it. However, like you said, I think they would have gladly returned to more money, lol!

    Now that they're older, they still have adopted the lifestyle in their own way.

    Our oldest is very careful with his money. He has made a budget and he sticks to it. Our youngest isn't quite as frugal with his brother, but then he doesn't have a job yet.