Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's with people and their dogs?

This is not a financial post..but just a random thought and venting!

What is the deal with people and their dogs?? I get that people love their dogs..I get that people treat their dogs as family..even a little human. We have, in our neighborhood and town, have people that think everyone is in love with their the point where they (I think) honestly believe that when their dog uses your yard as a restroom, you should be honored at the gift placed at your feet. I know, I sounds like a grumpy old man now, but c'mon!

In life, we all have to clean up the mess we make. We learned that in kindergarten along with not eating paste! In our financial life, we don't just get to leave the "dump" on someone's door - we work hard and clean it up! Wow - I did turn this into a financial issue :)

I wonder what the correlation between people who don't clean up their mess and their financial life...that would be interesting. If you tend to be more cluttered, are you more likely to be financially irresponsible? If you are a neat freak...are you more likely to have your finances in check?

OK..I am done :)


  1. My neighbor used to let her dog out the front door to go in neighbor's yards (until it got hit and killed by a car). The dog never went in their own yard but in ours or the other neighbor's yard.

    When I finally went over and suggested that she let the dog out in their fenced back yard she said "But I don't want to because he'll poop in it and I don't like cleaning it up!"

    I then said "Well, I don't like cleaning it up either and it's not even my dog."

  2. LOL! People are the spice of life, aren't they?? LOL!