Friday, October 23, 2009

The I '"really don't like" AT&T Rant

In July 2009, we moved back home from Southern California to Northern California and while down there, we had AT&T U-verse which was very cool. When you finish with it, you simply take all the gadgets to the UPS store and they scan and mail it for you at no charge. Well, until 2 months later when AT&T sends you a letter saying that you returned 3 pieces of equipment and not 4 and here is your bill for $150.00.

So, I provide them with the tracking number...on 9/3/09. And, 2 a month and half later...they come back and say "yes, we confirmed the tracking number and got the box, but it was still missing the piece of us $150.00".

Each time I call, the person says "give me the tracking number and that should do it"...I explain I give it each time and get the same results...and the next word is "Well, that's weird"...tell me about it.

So, I finally had to go to the UPS store and get the serial numbers of what they scanned and provide those to AT&T...and when I called them yesterday to give them this...they said "All I need is the tracking number.." I try to be nice and reply...You have had that since 9/3/09...and each time you close out the case with "We got the box, but missing a piece of equipment, pay $150.00"

So, I apologize if any of you are AT&T customer service agents for U-verse. But, man...what a bunch of nuts! I wish I could get away with that at my job...give lip service, do nothing, etc.

On second thought...nah...then they could get ANYONE to do my job!

Have a great week...and RUN FROM AT&T!


  1. wow, yall have made substantial progress on paying off your debts (i'm southern ... hence 'yall')! keep up the awesome work and i look forward to following along on your journey. oh, and as for at&t, what a shame!

  2. Oh for pete's sake! What a headache!

    After my dad died, my mom decided to move it with us. I called, per her request, to cancel her telephone service.

    It was in my dad's name, and they said they couldn't cancel it without his permission. I explained that he had just died recently.

    The gal said, "Well, his name is the only one on the account, and I can't cancel it without his permission." I again explained that he was dead.

    She said, "Well, I still need his permission." I said "Did you not understand that he is dead?" I asked if my mom could cancel it for him and she again said "No. Well, I don't know what to do. I can't cancel it without his permission."

    I talked to one person after another and finally told them to send the bill to the cemetery.