Thursday, October 22, 2009

A call for encouragement for DiggingOutOfOurMess

Good morning, blog followers.

I want to ask you to heck out Mysti is in a very rough spot and could use encouragement and advice as she goes through this "season". We already posted some advice..and I know Mysti would appreciate encouraging words, lessons learned and advice!


  1. Hey guys! Its great to see a family on a similar path. I had to laugh at the pic of your Jeep. We got a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport as our "beater" in August and paid ~$3,300.00 cash!!! The only difference I can see from the pic is ours is silver. We love it! I'll take our 2000 with 150k miles over our fleeced Commander any day!!! Plus it's already got a few dings in it so when the hubs takes it into the woods I have no worries!! You guys are rocking it. Keep up the great work!