Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another Murphy Strike!

Yes, we have had another "Murphy Strike" in our home..this time the washer! But, this time, we struck back!

My wife has actually been looking at the front-load washers for a while on her "dream list" and well, Home Depot made that a reality.

The washer started out at $699.00..but do people getting out of debt have that to spend? NO! We spent $366.00!

$699.00 at home depot -minus- 10% GE rebate -minus- 10% home depot card discount (No, we haven't gone back to credit cards, the amount is sitting in our emergency fund ready to go, but who's turning down 10%?)-minus- $75.00 PG&E energy rebate - minus- $125.00 Water District rebate = $366.00

That's a whopping 52% off!

That's one big ol' coupon!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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