Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Checking in for October...$7400 and dropping fast!

...and it cannot go fast enough! As of Oct 20, we have paid off just over $51,000 in 2 years and 2 can be done and you got to want to win! I say that, in hind-sight like it is is not. There are so many trade-off's along the way...and it's weird to think like that - I can't have it all at once!

Trade-off's include:
Go out to dinner or buy the kids school clothes!
Buy pumpkins at .40cents a pound from cool place..or buy at WinCo for .17cents and have money left for costumes!

I have to say, that in all this, my wife continues to amaze, impress and astound me. The woman - with her handy Dave Ramsey cash envelope system - can pull money out of nowhere! Case in point, our oldest is having a birthday this week...It is 3 days until payday (usually the time we run out of food and money). She gets home with all these great gifts for him...and shoes for our daughter...and I go to where we "hid" his birthday set-aside money and it is still there...and she says "Oh, that's great...but I had money in my envelopes..we might have creative dinners this week...but let's just hang on to that". That's hot!!

You can win too...we are happy to share any advice...but much like's a good program and shear determination! Go get 'em!

We have another $5300 payment to be made next Monday..we will post new results then...something like $2k owed.

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  1. Sweet!!!! I wish I could drop that type of money on my debt.