Thursday, August 27, 2009

Uh oh! How'd we do that?

Can you imagine waking up to find that you have spent $59,023.20 and you really didn't know where? You don't see bags from Bloomingdales ( or Macy's ( in the bedroom. You walk out to the living room and there is no 58" plasma screen that you picked up at Best Buy ( that past weekend. And, then, there it walk out and see the nice shiny 2004 Lincoln Navigator out in the garage. But, that cost $33,000.00 and you bought it in 2007 (because you were doing the right thing - you bought used and let someone else take the equity hit, right?). So, where else did it go???

Well, that is what this blog is going to be all about. Not so much about how we spent ourselves into debt...but how we are getting ourselves out of debt and how we are going to stay out. We welcome you along for the ride and if there is anything you can glean from this and not follow the same path..or lessons that you have learned and can share with the blogsphere...then we have left the world a little better (and a little less in debt) than we entered it!

So, a little about ourselves: Jeff is a 39 year old project-manager for a large IT company. Melissa is a 37 year old work at home mom (taking care of our 6, 4, and 18month old is WORK! - make no mistake). And we are the parent's of three wonderful children who live near South Lake Tahoe in California. Hey...if you are going to be in debt...pick a good spot, right?

So, over the next couple of days, we hope to get you caught up on:

1. How we found Dave Ramsey (
2. A budget? You want a budget?
3. Ummm, I am not going to carry around envelopes!
4. I cannot shop on $600.00/month for a family of 5!!
5. You sold the Navigator for that piece of crap?
6. Did you know that "Murphy" was in the back seat of the Jeep?

So, be patient as we get you caught up and move forward! It will be a fun ride!

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